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    I could say that this is the field I'm most involved in. I play the piano for almost 14 years now and never got bored. For a long time I was only playing and recording music in Cakewalk as a midi sequencer and Cool Pro (Adobe Audition now) for the final wave track using the sound banks of my Yamaha PSR-GX76 keyboard.
    But I couldn't stop here so I tryied to put together a small project studio. M-Audio is well known for their top quality pro music creation tools of accessible price so I went for their gear. I bought a delta family sound card (an Audiophile 192) and a pair of studio monitors (Studiophile DX4). Until I could get the KeystationPro88 granded hammer action keyboard I got short of money so my project studio is now 'set' on pending. If you know someone who knows someone who can sponsor my project I'd be thankful but till then I'll have to work with my current setup.
    And I am working... I'm using both virtual and real sampled instruments. As a sequencer I'm still using Cakewalk along with GigaStudio for instrument samples but for the virtual instruments I use Cubase SX2 (as a VST host) and Edirol Orchestral.
    I now partially have the hardware but I kind of lack of software - samples, that is. If you have .gig fine tuned samples maybe you're interested in an exchange.

    You can download and listen fragments of my work and if you don't/like what you hear please let me know; criticism is a way of improving yourself.

Alone In The Dark

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Thank You
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