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     I belive this is one area I would like to excel in; but since I don't own a camcorder (at least not anymore) it's a bit challenging practicing this. Nevertheless, when the opportunity shows up I never hesitate to spend a few hours more taking the best I can get of that video clip. I always try to give that professional-like feeling to my clips.
     My work in this field is sort of limited (for objective reasons) and it's a long way to a near-professional stage (though I belive I long ago past the rookie level ;-)). I'm continuously trying to improve both shooting and editing.
     For all my projects I use Adobe Premiere Pro, a tool that any professional wannabe should use. I now work only on digital material (DV) since the analog tape gives me headaches.
     Some of my work includes wedding clips, special ocasions, concerts, street-level interviews and more.

     I would love posting some video clips produced but my hosting space is way to limited for this kind of media files. So if you're intrested in my productions you'll have to contact me personally.

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