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web design
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    I first started learning this art form a year and a half ago in the need of publishing some add-ons for Celestia. Back then I was using Macromedia Fireworks for the graphics and Dreamweaver for coding. In the mean time I came along with Adobe Photoshop and now I'm using it in any graphics project; as for the coding Dreamweaver rules.
    I can't say I'm a pro yet, but I'm working my way to become one; and it's all about work. Below are some examples of the web sites I already designed.

    There are many to come and I hope each one better than the last. If you enjoy what you see and would like to have your own MindToAsk designed website or perhaps need assistance in your own project, feel free to contact me.
     If simplicity, cool design or modern trends is what are you looking for, than you surely need a MindToAsk design for your website.

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